Maintenance & Warranty


All finishes should be ceramic coated before use to ensure a long lasting protection of the surface.

We have suitable products for self application in our shop.

If a professional sealing before shipping is desired, this can of course be made by us. Our local partner professionally seals the rims and this maximizes the safety of the rim surface against dirt and brake dust.

You can get more detailed information about the coating from the manufacturer of the product or on the product page in the shop.

Please note, brushed rims, which only have a clear coat should therefore always be sealed.

RECOMMENDATION: Coat the rims before each season or refresh the existing coating to maintain protection.


If the rims are ceramic coated, simple cleaning with warm water and an acid-free and solvent-free car shampoo is usually sufficient.

If extreme dirt should nevertheless stick to the surface, we recommend an acid-free and careful rim cleaner such as our ForcecleanPRO.

Please noteThe finishes such as brushed bronze, brushed shadow, frozen crystal silver, and various brushed and polished surfaces are not suitable to be driven in winterseason!


​Our Brushed Shadow and Brushed Bronze may be different from batch to batch, we set a tolerance of 5% brightness. This may caused by different technique of each worker in our factory. As the clearcoating can change the brightness once applied we don't accept any complaint in that case.


Wheelforce GmbH warrants that the products are free from defects in workmanship and materials upon delivery to the end customer or carrier.
Every Wheelforce wheel is thoroughly inspected by our quality control managers before delivery by inspecting every rim for visual defects and then thoroughly inspecting them with our machines. In order to maintain quality, high-resolution images of the goods are regularly taken before they are dispatched.

Important notes for the warranty:

  1. Wheelforce GmbH provides all customers with a 12 month warranty on the coating. We give 5 years from the date of purchase on the rim structure.
  2. Damage of any kind that occurs after delivery to the customer, normal wear and tear, disregard of the care instructions, defects due to incorrect assembly, damage due to poor road conditions, kerb damage of any kind and other deterioration of the rims that are not caused by an initial defect - lead to the exclusion of the warranty.
  3. If the wheels are repainted, repaired by externals or subsequently powder coated, the warranty expires immediately.
  4. Disregard of the care instructions and the resulting consequences also lead to immediate exclusion of the guarantee.
  5. The buyer must immediately examine the received goods for defects. Obvious defects must be reported to us immediately. Hidden defects must be declared to us in writing within 5 working days of receipt. Otherwise the delivery is considered as accepted.
  6. The goods must be sent carriage paid to Wheelforce for examination of the complaint. If the complaint is justified, Wheelforce will refund the cost of the cheapest shipping method - this does not apply if the goods are located at a place other than the delivery address.
  7. If a justified complaint or defect is found to exist without any outside influence, Wheelforce shall be entitled to remedy the defect in the form of repair, partial refund or replacement at Wheelforce's option.
  8. If the customer is not in a direct contractual relationship with Wheelforce GmbH, the complaint must be submitted to us via the appropriate dealer.